Kol Zimrah - Meaningful Prayer through Music
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Directory of Independent Minyanim in NYC

Kol Zimrah

Kol Zimrah is an egalitarian minyan that meets monthly in Manhattan's Upper West Side for a traditional kabbalat shabbat service with singing and musical instruments followed by a potluck dinner.
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Ohel Ayalah

Ohel Ayalah reaches out to people in their 20s and 30s, interfaith couples, and those who are curious about Judaism. It offers free, walk-in High Holiday services and low-cost Passover Seders for those without a place to go. The services are traditional, egalitarian, melodic, meaningful, and beautiful and are led by experienced clergy.

Tehillah Minyan of Forest Hills

The Tehillah Minyan of Forest Hills is a halachic minyan modeled after Shirah Hadashah in Jerusalem. Kabbalat Shabbat and divrei torah will be led by either men or women and maariv will be led by men.

Kehilat Romemu

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Altshul is an independent, egalitarian minyan, guided by halacha and following the traditional liturgy. It meets on the second and fourth Shabbat mornings and third Friday night of every month in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.
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Kehilat Orach Eliezer

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Darkhei Noam

Darkhei Noam meets for Shabbat morning services every other week on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Founded in March 2002, Darkhei Noam provides a davening experience that is traditional, inclusive, and inspiring. We invite you to join us. At Darkhei Noam, women lead pesukei dezimrah, hotza'at vehakhnasat sefer torah (the Torah service), and fully participate in keriyat ha-torah (Torah reading). This is done in the context of a traditional minyan with ten men and a mehitzah.
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Kol haKfar

Kol haKfar is a downtown minyan offering kabbalat shabbat and ma'ariv services in a traditional egalitarian atmosphere twice a month in members' apartments.
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Kehilat Hadar

A traditional egalitarian community located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan that meets every other week for Shabbat morning services and offers educational programs throughout the year. We have aimed to create a place for prayer and study for those who have a commitment to the Jewish tradition and a desire to learn from each other's experiences and diverse backgrounds.
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