Kol Zimrah - Meaningful Prayer through Music
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Get involved

Everything that happens in &mdash and between &mdash Kol Zimrah services is the work of volunteers. There are many ways for you to take part.

Keep in touch

To stay informed of upcoming Kol Zimrah services and other events, be sure to

  1. Join our mailing list;
  2. Connect with our Facebook group; and/or
  3. Subscribe to our Google Calendar.


Kol Zimrah is supported entirely by our community members. Donate to Kol Zimrah here.

Join the Tachlist

If you're willing to be called to do small tasks (greeting, setting up, etc.) at future services, sign up for the Tachlist.

Anything else?

Contact us at info@kolzimrah.info with any recommendations or questions, ideas or spaces for future meetings, or you would like to lead or participate in any way. Thank you for helping make Kol Zimrah an awesome community!