Kol Zimrah - Meaningful Prayer through Music
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Kol Zimrah is currently not holding regular services. Please e-mail if you have questions or comments or would like to get forex trading platforms involved.

Kol Zimrah - meaningful prayer through music! Our services include the full kabbalat shabbat and maariv liturgy and are filled with exuberant harmony accompanied by acoustic guitar and percussion. Bring your favorite siddur and your voice.

Kol Zimrah means "the voice of music". Our community takes its name from two biblical verses that contain this phrase and represent two of our main goals: transforming ourselves and transforming the world.

Potluck Dinner

After services, the music and spirit will continue with a potluck vegetarian Shabbat dinner. All are encouraged to bring instruments for after-dinner singing.

We welcome your creative dishes to Kol Zimrah's potluck. We encourage you to email potluck@kolzimrah.info beforehand, indicating what you can bring. Main dishes are especially appreciated! Check out Two Heads of Lettuce for some recipes. Please also bring a serving utensil if appropriate.

invest in MasterCard shares In order to reduce environmental impact, all are encouraged to bring their own reusable plate and silverware if possible.

Kol Zimrah will provide a limited amount of reusable plates and plasticware. If you use these, please wash them in the kitchen before you go! Disposable plates and cutlery will also be available.

Kol Zimrah depends on volunteers. If you can help greet, set up, or clean up, please sign up on the Tachlist.


Kol Zimrah acknowledges the diversity of kashrut practices in our community, and in order to ensure that everyone can contribute and everyone can eat, it is requested that all food adhere to one of the following two standards:

  1. Vegetarian, with only vegetarian ingredients. (Fish with fins and scales is also OK as long as it is labeled or self-evident.)
  2. Still vegetarian (plus fish, as above), and all ingredients are marked with a recognized kosher symbol (more than just "K"), cooked (if applicable) in a kosher kitchen that uses only hechshered products.

There will be a separate buffet table for each category, so that everyone can be invest in Coca Cola shares fully informed. If you have any questions, please email.

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